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Family, Harmony, and Originality

The Notochords are VCU's oldest award-winning gender-inclusive A Cappella ensemble that embodies Family, Harmony, and Originality. Established in 1992 on the MCV campus and now based on the Monroe Park campus, the group actively participates in competitions and delivers captivating performances throughout Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region.


The Notochords have consistently demonstrated their presence at VCU and within the Mid-Atlantic region. Making their ICCA debut in 2021, the group not only clinched 1st place but also earned special awards for Best Arrangement, Soloist, Choreography, and Videography. Their journey extended into the Semifinals, where they continued to leave a lasting impression. Following their debut success, they maintained a strong presence in the ICCA, securing 3rd place in 2022, 2023, and 2024, accompanied by noteworthy accolades for Outstanding Soloist in 2023 and Outstanding Choreography in 2024.


Alongside their competitive success, the ensemble released two singles. Their rendition of "XS" was featured on the Varsity Vocals Best of Collegiate A Cappella Album (BOCA) in 2023. Presently, they have unveiled their latest EP, 'M3', accessible on various streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, their official music video for 'erase me' is now available for viewing.

In the upcoming years, the Notochords eagerly embrace new opportunities, striving to share their music with audiences and cultivate a warm and vibrant atmosphere within the VCU Community.

Interested in booking the Notochords for your upcoming event or seeking further information? Please feel free to contact us through this link for prompt assistance and inquiries!




2024 ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal: 3rd Place Overall 

Outstanding Choreography (Ronson Carr Jr.)

2023 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards Nominated

Best Mixed Collegiate Arrangement (XS, Arranged by Olivia Oakley and Alex Hanna) 

Featured on 2023 Best of Collegiate A Cappella (XS Opb. Rina Sawayama)

2023 ICCA South Quarterfinal: 3rd Place Overall

Outstanding Soloist (Ronson Carr Jr.)

2022 ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal: 3rd Place Overall

Advanced to 2021 ICCA Semifinals

2021 ICCA Mid-Atlantic Quarterfinal: 1st Place Overall

Outstanding Arrangement (Olivia Oakley) 

Oustanding Soloist (Emmett Early)

Outstanding Choreography (Ronson Carr Jr., Nira Harikrishnan, Ginger Johns, & Arathi Gnanodayan) 

Outstanding Videography (Ronson Carr Jr.  & Nira Harikrishnan) 

CNU University Sounds 2018 "Sing Your Heart Out" Competition: 2nd Place Overall 

Best Beatboxer (Lexa Quezada) 

VCU Ramifications 2018 "Richmond Rhythm" Competition 

Best Beatboxer (Lexa Quezada) 

CNU Extreme Measures 2018 "Blue Tie Affair" Competition: 3rd Place Overall 
CNU University Sounds 2017 "Sing Your Heart Out" Competition: 1st Place Overall 
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