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Do you want to become a member of Notos? Every year we have auditions to find new members to welcome into the Notos family. Any new information about auditions will be posted here.

*Please Read First*


As a student-run collegiate group, we recognize that the academic year may be stressful and bring on new struggles. In light of this, we want to give potential auditionees information on the time commitment and general time structure as a member of The Notochords.

During the fall semester, members are expected to attend two, two-hour weekly rehearsals, one, one-hour sectional determined by your section leader, and any extra performances or fundraisers. Officers shall provide adequate notice for any calendar additions. Suppose a member wishes to be excused from a concert, competition, or performance. In that case, they must notify the Director and President at least A MONTH before the event or risk an unexcused absence.

During the spring semester, members will have extra ICCA rehearsals in addition to their usual fall group obligations. The Music Director, Associate Director, and President will determine the scheduling for these extra rehearsals. We must attend these practices to learn new music and choreography within a time frame. Usually, these rehearsals last just about a month and a half, although they may begin sooner, depending on the group standing. If one cannot attend a rehearsal or the ICCA, prior notice of UP TO A MONTH is required. While we do require you to come, communication plays a huge role; therefore, please communicate any troubles or concerns to your Officers. Below is an attachment of an example schedule for the 2022 -2023 ICCA year.


Ready to Audition?

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