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Our Music

As a self-arranging group, we take immense pride in our vast repertoire of hundreds of songs meticulously crafted over the years. We are thrilled to share our musical journey with all of you through our YouTube Channel and streaming services. Our latest single, "XS," as well as our award-winning single, "still feel.," are currently available on all major platforms. Additionally, you can find our award-winning music video for "still feel." on YouTube.

To stay updated and enjoy our diverse range of arrangements, competitions, and more, we encourage you to subscribe to our YouTube channel. It is the best way to access our complete body of work, spanning the past, present, and future. We are excited to continue producing new music and can't wait to share it with all of you in the coming years.

 Click the icon to be sent to our repertoire section, where you can see both our current and past arrangements!

Album Art by Alumn Emma Rimmer


Arranged by: Olivia Oakley & Alex Hanna

BOCA 2023 

CARA Nominated 2023

Opb. Rina Sawayama

1st Studio EP

Minimalist Cloud Pastel Music Album Cover Art.png


Erase Me • Pray You Catch Me • Forgive Me

Opb Lizzy McAlpine • Beyoncé • ChloexHalle

Arranged by: Olivia Oakley & Ronson Carr Jr.

Watch our Official Music Video 

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